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This is my thought!


I believe watches are used to mark the milestones of a man's life. For hundreds of years, watches have been traditional gifts for just about anyone, especially for graduates from high school or college. Watches have forever been given as wedding gifts, and the ever so popular gold watch is still the go to gift for years of dedicated service or retirement. 

Watches have also evolved into so much more. They are simply worn as fashion, and often make a statement about who we are. You can find watches just about anywhere, but so many watches continue to be over priced and out of many consumers budget. Over 1.2 billion watches are sold every year, so watches remain to be a great gift for someone you love, a friend, co-worker, family member, or just for yourself.

How about starting a collection? So many men and woman collect watches, but this remains a man's go-to hobby. Watches are found all over the world ranging from under a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. When it comes to buying a new watch, the choices are challenging. Evaluate all your choices and take your time, making sure you have chosen the best one to fit your taste. Find one that would go best with your favorite shirt or evening attire. To this day, you cannot go wrong with silver. Silver watches (better known to watch wearers as stainless steel), will just about go with any attire. It doesn't't matter if your silver watch has a black, blue, white, or gray face, the silver watch will never let you down. The leather strap or band is also an attractive look with the right quality watch. 

Check your budget and see what is affordable for you. Often times when shopping for a watch, you have the option of buying a couple watches at reasonable prices or spend much more on one top quality watch that will last for years and years. You make the call! Shopping online can be extremely overwhelming as the internet has hundreds of watch companies to choose from. You may find yourself up all evening shopping for that one watch. 

As for myself, I have a handful of watches to choose from in my collection. Silver, black, sporty, and a couple fashionable ones too. I tend to wear one or two of them far more often then the other few that seem to collect nothing but some house dust. I have learned over the years that spending hundreds of dollars on a couple of watches that just do not get enough action has not been worth it to me. My most expensive watch is in the neighborhood of $800 dollars, and happens to be one of them that collects some dust. 

My recommendation to a new watch wearer is to start small. Maybe work your way up as you get confident on your watch choices. Do not blow your entire paycheck on a watch that may not get its full time usage. You can find so many luxury watches that give you that same quality look and feel as the thousand dollar watch. 


John R Lewis- Founder

Seiner Watch Company